“Will you be my dad, officially?”

Sometime its not about biology its about who was there when it mattered the most. There is a old saying in China:”The mother who raises you up is bigger than the mother who brings you to the world.” Blood is an important connection of human beings but it is never the strongest one. How close two people can be depends on what they have been through. That’s the reason why we have some many important people of our life but just a few of them are relatives.




This is a story about our customer who surprised her stepfather by handing him the adoption papers. When her stepfather finally figured out that it was an adoption papers, both of them couldn’t stop the tears falling out. In the deep of her heart, he is her father long time ago and he treats her as his blood too. But these papers still means a lot for them because they finally become daughter and father officially.

To celebrate this special and important moment, she came to us after 8 hours online searching. She finally decided to seal this moment by custom necklace pendants with a photo of this special moment. She ordered two custom necklace pendants, one for herself the other for her father. That’s the reason why Yafeini produce personalized jewelry. Except from being a great thoughtful gift, we hope the personalized jewelry can help people store their beautiful memory and even become a family legacy which can pass from generation to generation.

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