Top 5 Engraved Necklaces For Couples

It is a very sweet thing to use couples’ thing for the couples. If you are looking for something special but you don’t want to hurt your pocket, engraved necklaces would be a good choice. Here are the top 5 engraved necklaces for couples:

    custom name necklace

    You can engrave the names of the couple in the way like Jack & May on the front and a special date of them on the reverse or a short message for them. Some people even use the latitude and longitude of the special place of couple. Bar name necklace is very popular now.

    custom name necklace

    Love means two persons’ hearts join together, this engrave necklace represents that two people’s life join together while they still have their independent part. A perfect gift for the couples in the sweet period. Giving them this engrave necklace will definitely melt their hearts.

    custom name necklace

    This engrave necklace looks more thick and sturdy, which is good for the men don’t like small or tiny things. With the wide and big disc you can engrave full names or a short message on it.

    engraved necklace

    Sometime words may be too weak to show out your feeling, at that time a picture of your special moment will be a good speaker. This engraved necklace not only allows you engrave names and message on the back but also allows you engrave a sweet photo on the front.

    custom name necklace

    With this engraved necklace, you can write a love story if you can manage your words in a good way. Of course you can write a poem on it if you can, that would be very romantic.





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