Newborn Twin Boys Stop Crying As Soon As Their Skin Touches

Someone believe that kid is a wonderful gift from god, then twin must be the most wonderful gift from god. And one of our customers Lisa is one of the lucky person to receive such a wonderful gift. This is the photo for her twin Terry and Ted. You may heard about that a new born baby stop crying when you put him/she back to her mother but these boys stopped crying as soon as their skin touched.

“It feels like these brothers are comforting each other. At this moment I found out that our twin boys would be best friends and support one another as they grew. Comforting each other after birth is just the first step for that special relationship.” Lisa told us.

Lisa hopes that these two personalized necklaces she made for her twin boys can comfort them when they were separated and remind them how strong their bond since they were born. We do hope that these twin boys can grow up healthy and happily.

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