Make A Custom Necklace To Help Your Kids Remember A Lesson

Kid is the most wonderful gift from god even though it can be hard to teach a kid right from wrong sometimes and it may make you feel very upset. But raising a kid is a very happy thing overall especially for those creative parents who can always find a funny way to help their kids realize their faults and learn from the faults. And here is a story from a customer who bought a special custom necklace from us as a gift for his daughter.

There is a saying that even god will forgive the teenagers’ mistakes. When your kids up to the age of teenagers, they grow quickly both in body and mind due to the high level of hormone so we need to forgive them and most importantly lead them to the right path and help them build a good attitude about life. A few weeks ago Stephen’s flower daughter ruined her new Michael Kors handbag because of a temper tantrum. Stephen didn’t give a speech to his daughter or scold his daughter with anger, instead, he gave her a very good course.

Make A Custom Necklace To Help Your Kids Remember A Lesson

Make A Custom Necklace To Help Your Kids Remember A Lesson

Stephen used the Michael Kors strap and logo of the wasted bag to fashion a reusable tote and lied to her daughter that he bought her a new one. When he showed her daughter her new one-of-a-kind bag, he also show her daughter how functional is the bag vividly and his daughter feel shame and notice what she had done. But this is not the end, in order to help his daughter control her emotion better, Stephen took a photo with the one-of-a-kind bag and personalized a custom necklace as a gift for her daughter. The custom necklace is totally beautiful so his daughter will not refuse to wear it.

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