Heart Beat Custom Initial Necklace

Love is a thing that can not be identify and there is no common definition of love yet even the science is very advanced these days. People use heart as a symbol of love because when you meet the one we love, your heart will beat much more faster and harder people believe that this is the feeling of love. With heart beat custom initial necklace, we can say “I love you” to someone by our heart beat which is much more romantic instead of using words or letters which can be very plain sometimes.

Heart Beat Custom Initial Necklace

Heart beat custom initial necklace is an inspiration comes from electrocardiogram. ECG is used to record and display a person’s heartbeat so that the doctor can know about the patient’s condition directly and efficiently. By adding an ECG on the personalized necklace, you can tell the recipient I love you by no words. Heart beat custom initial necklace or heart beat custom name necklace can be a very thoughtful and romantic gift which will make your girlfriend or your wife cry out.

Heart Beat Custom Initial Necklace

This infinity symbol means forever and the heart beat means I love you, combine these two symbols then you get a infinity heart beat customized necklace that can show your forever love to the one you love. Besides, the shinny gemstones make the necklace much more beautiful and elegant so it is also a great gift for special anniversary day.

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