Gold Name Tag Necklace--A Perfect Gift For Your New Born Baby

This is a American soldier who was supposed to watch his daughter’s birth at the hospital but the airplane was delayed so that he can only watch his daughter’s birth on Facetime sitting in an airport. And this photo was took by his bro when his daughter finally came out. A face full of surprise, happy and love.

What’s the best way to express your love to your new born baby? Toys? Handmade baby bed? Words?... This American soldier’s face shows everything, the face when your father saw you at the first time is the best way to express your love to your new born baby. And making a gold name tag necklace with that face is the best way to let your love be with your baby forever. I believe every time your baby looks at your face he/she will full of energy not matter he/she is facing.

People like soldiers and travelers often carry a dog tag with their family or lover’s photo so that they could have a look at their love one when they miss them outside home. But actually, a gold name tag necklace with your surprise, happy and love face is also a great gift for your kids. A photo of you means a lot when you are not there for them, just like a photo of your kids means to you.

If you are worry about that the color photo would fade, you can just engrave the photo on it. A engrave photo would be black and white but it will not fade or fall off. Most custom necklace online stores offer photo engraving service or have color photo personalized necklaces and engraved photo personalized necklaces for sale.

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