Engraved Necklace For Mom

Mother’s love is the greatest love in the world, it is selfless and ask for nothing. All a mom want is their kids can grow happily and healthy. No matter how much you do or give for your mom, it will never be enough. Though a mom will never ask anything from their kids, we should try our best to accompany our moms and show out how much we care about them. You need to let your mom know how important she is. Mother’s Day is coming, it is a special day to tell your mom how much you love her. A thoughtful gift will make your mom very happy, here are some engraved necklace for mom which will definitely surprise your mom.

Engraved Necklace For Mom--Baby Feet Custom Necklace

Baby Feet Custom Necklace

Baby Feet Custom Necklace

This personalized necklace is a meaningful and perfect gift for a new mom. A new mom will be very happy to carry a necklace with her baby’s name on her necklace above her heart. It feels like put her baby on her heart all the time. The baby feet is so cute just like a new born baby’s feet, it is beautiful and fits in all occasions. Wearing a necklace like this is like keep telling people:”Hey, this is my baby xxxx, she/he is cute isn’t it.” and share the happiness with people around.

Engraved Necklace For Mom--Three Discs Engraved Necklace

Three Discs Engraved Necklace

You can customize this necklace into family necklace by inscribing the names of all family members on the discs. Family is always very important to a woman who has kids, wearing a necklace with all family members’ names will make a mom very happy no need to say the three discs engraved necklace itself is so beautiful and elegant.

Engraved Necklace For Mom--Children’s Drawing Engraved Necklace

Children’s Drawing Engraved Necklace

Children’s Drawing Engraved Necklace

The happiest thing of raising a kid is seeing she/he doing things first time. First time saying Dad, first time saying Mom, first time write name and so on. First time drawing is one of the most wonderful thing, most moms would say:”Oh! My god! You are genius.” Most moms will keep it carefully as a great treasure. Engrave children’s drawing on a necklace is also a very good way to save the drawing which is also a great gift.

Engraved Necklace For Mom--Photo Engraved Necklace

Photo Engraved Necklace

Photo Engraved Necklace

Besides engrave children’s drawing on a necklace, engrave a kid’s photo is also a very good option. Unlike color photo, engraved photo will never fade or discolor, you can even put it in the water. A mom will be very happy to wear a necklace like this so that she can see her baby whenever she wants. Especially most people are busy now and have little time to be there with their kids.

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