Design Your Own Name Necklace

Today you are going to learn the simplest and most effective way to design a excellent and thoughtful name necklace and how to build it with a affortable price.

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Ready to start your designing trip, now?

Beautiful, elegant, fashion and special, these are the main reasons why name necklace is so popular today. We are all living in a very busy world, it is very hard to remember a stranger or being remembered by others.

Make yourself beautiful or fashion is no longer enough to catch someone’s eyes. That’s why people start looking for special things like personalized necklaces which can not only make them special but also show their identity.

Customize your own necklace with name is very easy, you can finish it within 5 minutes online. But if you want to design your own name necklace with great meanings and make it much more special, there are two parts you need to pay attention to:

First of all, you need to determine what kind of personalized necklaces you want. Name plate necklace, engraved name necklace or engraved photo necklace.

name plate necklace Engraved Name Necklace Engraved Photo Necklace

Different necklace has different features:

You can not engrave anything on name plate necklace, the parts you can control are words and font.

Engraved name necklace not only allow you to engrave words on it but also allow you to engrave some small patterns on it.

And the biggest difference between engraved name necklace and engraved photo necklace is the surface, photo necklace has bigger surface.

After you choose the necklace you like, you have to decide what kind of meaning you want the necklaces to carry on first, only then can you manage the words.

Actually it is possible to put some simple small pattern on you name plate necklace, just contact the seller before you order.

name plate necklace

I made myself a name plate necklace with my name “Joe” and I asked the seller to replace the initial o with a small football, it turned out to be great.

So, do not limit your imagination to the length of the words, use patterns and initials together to design your own name necklace. Only in this way can you make a unique custom necklace.

If you have no clue how to design your own name necklace, go to Google and Pinterest to see how other people make their personalized necklaces first. You will get inspiration from others.

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Zarif - June 11, 2019

Plz create my name

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I want one

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my name pandant create…pls

Naveen - June 29, 2018

Im making rap song so then i want make own name plate

Vasilisa Basargin - June 20, 2018

I want to make 5 best men a big name necklace but want it to be a nickname that makes them thing about the memory and smile.

Joya - May 7, 2018


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ferial - July 25, 2018

kindly send for me several design for pendant name ferial

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