5 Hottest Engraved Name Necklaces For Young People

The reason why engraved name necklaces can be so popular is that most engraved name necklaces can also suitable for male. Dog tag is not the only choice for men. There are the 5 hottest engraved name necklaces can not only make female beautiful and elegant but also make male cool and fashion.

Gold horizontal bar name necklaces is the hottest name plate necklace in 2017. Wearing such name necklace makes you look cool among the young men, and it is also a good conversation starter. For these reasons, you can call it the hottest men’s necklaces in 2017.

custom name necklace

This personalized necklace is a twin of horizontal bar name necklace. A good option for the ones who don’t like horizontal necklaces. This gold name necklace often used to be best friend necklaces and friendship necklaces.

custom name necklace

For the one who is gentle and quiet, this engraved necklace is a perfect choice. The color of silver makes it looks simple but energetic, wearing such name necklace let you feel you are young and cool.

If you are a fan of Hip-hop culture, buying such necklace will be best decision you have ever made in your life. You can inscribe a big initial you love on the pendant.

custom name necklace

With a big surface, this custom name necklace not only allow you to write name on jewellery but also allow you to write a short message on it. You can make it become a super meaningful piece that may accompany you for your entire life.

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