5 Hottest Color Photo Personalized Necklaces

Since the first camera came up, necklaces became a good carrier of photo. People make locket to store their photo of their important ones so that they can see them whenever they want especially the travelers. Nowadays, people can print color photos very easily, and they don’t have to carry a heavy locket. Let me show you the 5 hottest color photo personalized necklaces.

statement necklacesstatement necklaces

For the ones who are looking for gift for their wife or girlfriend for Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, engagement or other special days. These custom necklaces will definitely melt your wife’s or girlfriend’s heart. You can upload a photo of your special moment to put on the front and engraved a short message or date on the back.

statement necklaces

If you don’t like heart necklace or want to custom a necklace for your kids or friends, the round shape may be better for you.

statement necklaces

Some people just like edges and corners, square shape will satisfied them. Besides, square shape photo necklaces can show more details of your photo.

statement necklaces

Most men not like the necklaces in the cute shapes, they think wearing such things make them look sissy. This “Dog Tag” style is perfect for men, if you want them to carry a photo about someone important to them on their necklaces.

statement necklaces

This custom necklaces is suitable for both male and female in all age ranges. You can personalize one for your kids, parents or grandparents.

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